The Process

During the certification process, each member of the Triplet:

  • Evaluates her/his own strengths and challenges based on 15 standardized criteria o Visits, observes, shares with, and evaluates the other Triplet members
  • Produces three written evaluation reports (a self­evaluation, and an evaluation for each of the other two Triplet members)
  • Is coached by a mentor
  • Is observed and assessed at the end of the process by an external Validator
  • The final decision re: certification is made by the executive of the Certification Council, and certificates/pins are awarded at an annual event. We keep in touch with our members through conferences, and through our web page.

The Mentor:

  • Supports, mentors & monitors the Triplet through the certification process

The Validator:

  • Reviews the reports and paperwork submitted by the Triplet and Mentor
  • Validates their observations by visiting the candidate’s setting
  • Makes a report and recommendations to the executive of the Council Executive of the Council:
  • Reviews all the information and determines the certification status of each applicant.

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